Year End Trustee Report from Mark Malterud

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During this end of year and Holiday time… reflecting on what has been accomplished and what has been set up to move forward and succeed and making plans for the future is important for all of us. We have much to be thankful for. Having now served for a little over 3 years as your Region 10 Trustee I am just getting to learn and understand the ropes and have seen a lot of exciting things happen at the Academy. With all that I have seen, heard and experienced, I am still excited about the Academy and our future.

Over these years, We have successfully purchased, designed the layout, built out the facility and moved into our own office building at 560 West Lake and this move has been a money saver to us already. Since we moved in, Google has moved into the area in Chicago and that west loop area is growing and developing at quantum speeds and our building value continues to rise at a rapid rate. On an operational side, we are going to be having a number of our board meetings on site so this will save the Academy a good amount to allow more to go to member benefits. Certain council meetings can take place at this site also. Holding meetings with other organizations and conferences along with providing national CE is in the works to raise the Academy to a new level.

I had the good fortune of being asked to help run an Educational Summit that utilized the new building and we were looking well into the future for the direction of education for the Academy. We brought in 5 futurists that educated us as to what trends and learning methods are appearing on the horizon. Our councils are now busy working on the information that was gleaned. Our future here is bright as education is the foundation of our Academy.

Our relationships with other dental organizations has been strengthened through a series of alliances and we will see future information in our publications, Impact and General Dentistry of these collaborative efforts.

At our last House of Delegates in Detroit we were finally able to separate Governance from the Annual meeting so Our next annual meetings will be in San Francisco in 2015 and Boston in 2016 and we are working hard to come up with a great venue for 2017 with this new format. Working forward with the HOD meeting looks like we will be moving it to Chicago but the time frame isn’t set in stone. There will be a bit of transition as we move forward. The annual meetings Council can now focus on providing our members with an educational meeting that will make this meeting a must attend for members. The AGD team can work with our leaders to focus on a separate governance meeting to be sure that we are running on all cylinders and moving in the right direction towards better goals.

Yes there is a lot to be thankful for and I want to thank our Region 10 members for allowing me to represent them on the Board of Trustees and I look forward to the remainder of my tenure on the Board and helping to make this a better Academy for all of us.


Mark Malterud
Region 10 Trustee

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