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Registration/Breakfast 7:30am

Lecture/Participation  8:00am – 5pm

Saturday, October 26, 2019
Registration/Breakfast 7:30am
Lecture/Participation  8:00am –

Course Description

Friday: Soft Tissue Grafting- Dr. Kohner
Using evidence-based support from the current literature, discover how soft tissue grafting is certain to enhance your restorative results. Perio Institute prepares you to deal with:

• Recession around a recently placed crown in the esthetic zone – What is the solution? Could it have been prevented? We believe so.
• Exposed roots that are esthetically undesirable, or sensitive – Can the root be predictably covered with gingiva rather than an unsightly Class V restoration?
• In this one-day workshop, we illustrated the best methods to solve those everyday problems and enhance your restorative results. Our instruction will also give you peace of mind that the gingiva stays over your newly esthetic crown margins. You will see how to create predictable soft tissue augmentation, which in turn creates a predictable base for your restorative success
• Experience an in-depth look at predictable applications for both free gingival and connective tissue grafts. The differences are distinct, and those differences will be thoroughly explained. You will also be given the opportunity to hone your skills and to practice these procedures on pig jaws. This course includes two surgical hands-on exercises, multiple case illustrations, and two surgical video demonstrations of the soft tissue grafting procedures.

Saturday: Bone Grafting and Socket Preservation- Dr. Schlesinger

Today, conscientious clinicians are obtaining predictable results in grafting fresh extraction sockets for ridge preservation by utilizing both the newest bone replacement materials and guided tissue membranes. Training in Bone Grafting and GTR will teach the differences between graft materials, as well as which materials to use when, where, and why. Using anatomical models, participants will practice the technique of grafting a socket with a damaged or missing facial plate. Participants will also learn how to treat the challenging maxillary posterior with osteotomes and a sinus bump.
Simple flap designs and suturing techniques will increase the success of these surgeries and reduce the risk of complications. These procedures ultimately result in improved esthetics, simplified prosthetics and most importantly, happy patients.


• Every critical aspect of the grafting procedure is clearly explained, using helpful dental slides and an informative workbook. Please feel free to keep your workbook for future reference!
• All trainings feature hands-on applications that cover most procedures.
• All models and instrumentation are provided by our institute.
• All procedures are taught by licensed, practicing clinician who have firsthand experience with the types of dental issues that most concern you day-to-day.


Perio Institute Speakers:

Dr. James Kohner         Dr. Charles Schlesinger
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14  Participation Credits in Periodontics
Plus 18 Participation Credits if completing Clinical Assignment at a Thursday Night Case Presentation Night

$1195 New Graduate AGD DDS (first 3 yrs)
$1895 Non-Member
$1395 Member

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