APEX (Advancing Professional EXcellence) is Minnesota Academy of General Dentistry’s Fellow/ MasterTrack program.

It is designed as a continuum of education featuring HANDS-ON participation courses
that guide AGD members towards their Fellowship and Mastership Awards (Courses may be taken as needed and non-members may also attend).
A summary of the requirements follows:

Fellowship Requirements:
500 continuing education hours (PACE approved) Fellowship Exam

Mastership Requirements (MasterTrack)
600 continuing education hours (PACE approved) in 15 different subjects
(400 of these hours must be participation credits)

The MN AGD offers two weekend courses a year, in April and October (Fri / Sat).The courses are hands-on and provide 14 hours of participation credits. At the conclusion of each course, a clinical assignment is given to implement learned material by documenting clinical cases. Your cases are then presented on Thursday evening prior to a future course. 18 additional credits are earned for completed assignments. If both course and assignment are completed, attender will earn 32 credits total. Case presentations are optional, and should be completed within 18 months.

The approximately 6-year APEX MasterTrack Program cycle may be entered at anytime. This MasterTrack cycle fulfills the majority of participation requirements for the Mastership Award. APEX courses may be applied toward the Fellowship Award or Mastership Award.

General dentists benefit from this program in many ways – both personally and professionally.
Benefits in brief:

  1.  Relevant Professional development in knowledge and skill
  2.  Relevant discussions – about everyday dentistry
  3.  Accountability to implement learned material
  4.  Camaraderie and friendship
  5.  Meaningful goals and awards

If you have any questions please give us a call (651 412 4366) or email (minnesotaage@gmail.com), thanks.